After years of hard work and a laborious effort, you’ve finally graduated from school. If you thought choosing the right course to study is difficult, try sifting through job advertisements and determining the right company to start your career with. When it comes to starting a fulfilling career path, you should be asking yourself better questions that just “What’s my passion?” You need to consider the practical aspects of your ambition, needs, skill sets and what you’re willing to do and even give up.

Ask yourself these 3 important questions so that you can start your career on the right path.

1. Is this my choice?

Although salary is a practical reason that will provide you with the kind of materialistic comforts you want, it shouldn’t be the driving factor. By putting income first, you will soon find yourself going from job to job, company to company without staying long enough to fulfil any personal satisfaction. This will harm your career progression and prospective employers may consider it as your unprofessionalism and lack of commitment. Instead, make sure that the job fulfils not only practical wants but also your personal choice.


2. What excites me?

Remember the last time you completely lost track of time because you were doing something you thoroughly enjoy? Perhaps it was when you were writing or working with children. But what if your academic qualification is for a completely different type of career? You studied Marketing but found that you are passionate about Accounting. This is far from it being the proverbial end of the word. Look out for opportunities that let you work closely with the department that excites you. Do Marketing for a childcare centre whilst you work towards your Early Childhood education or work for a publishing company as you attend courses in Creative Writing.


3. Am I ready to fight for it?

Your professional life will undoubtedly be intertwined with your personal life. So what are you prepared to work hard for or sacrifice in your search for a career? Account Auditors will have to prepare to work long hours and give up on a social life for two weeks in a month. Event Managers will tell you to expect to ‘roll up your sleeves’ because no task is too small or mundane – from packing door gifts to setting up an event space, the project’s success will depend on the tiniest of details but there will be instant job satisfaction. You can even engage an experienced Executive Life Coach to help you answer this question.

The world is indeed your oyster, you just need to be honest and ask the questions that really matter so that you can grow both professionally and personally.

Jeslyn Lim

Establishing a new career in recruitment has me given an opportunity to help business tackle staffing issues. I lead the team in temporary and contract staffing within the sector of logistics, retail and hospitality sector. Connect with me for your next staffing project.

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