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Why us?

Let our specialist recruiter who have years of domain experts help you find the right C-level execs for your company.

Our intimate knowledge of who’s who in the specialised industry we serve lets you zero in on strong candidates.

We’ve scooped up several accolades over the years, including Best Newcomer at the Global Recruiter’s Asia Pacific Industry Awards in 2013, and Asia Recruitment Consultant of the Year (Silver and Bronze) at Human Resources’ Asia Recruitment Awards in 2016 and 2017.

We’ve made the connections — now let us make the introductions

Here’s something you should know: from supply chain, technology and corporate function roles (HR, Finance, Sales & Marketing), we know who’s who in the industry. Filling a senior role is no longer about filtering paper resumes or lucking out with ad hoc ads; rather, it’s about approaching high-level candidates with a fine balance of tact and discretion.

By understanding your company culture and the required skill sets of the open position, we can provide a confidential search and map out the right talents within the industry.


Our specialisations

Logistics & Supply Chain

Human Resources


Information Technology


What our clients say

Hatch Asia never sells their candidate. They provide very comprehensive and balanced assessment of their candidate together with psychometric assessment which allow us to make a better judgement.

Jack Wong
Logistics Manager, Aviet Networks

Specialist firm with deep connection in the market they are in. High work ethics and well regarded in the Logistics sector.

Elvin Vong
Service Delivery Manager, DSV Solutions

A highly professional agency that provides clear communication often and relevant industry information. One of the best agency I have worked with.

Nutthapol Kriengchaivate
Regional Commercial Manager, Linfox

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